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PIU NX Absolute vs PIU Pro

How this affect PIU Pro?

Next Pump It Up Game (The International 10th Dance Floor) is Pump It Up NX Absolute (NXA).

..more images of PIU NXA.


PIU Pro Tournament - Sept 13th, Vegas

And it's over. If you miss PIU Pro Tournament, don't worry. Still you can see results:
1. JBoy - 465pts
2. starfalcon176 / Sean - 410pts
3. Kilroy / Zachary - 376pts

4. Ruzy / Kyle - 325pts
5. s34n / Sean - 289pts
6. Xero / Michael - 259pts
7. Jeremy - 247pts
8. ddrm / Matt - 238pts
9. Jeremy Cash - 218pts
10. Alex - 205pts
11. JOKR / Aleta - 188pts
12. Danny - 177pts
13. Boo / Christina - 157pts
14. VivaR32skylines / Gordon - 146pts
15. Stabbie - 111pts 

And a lot of videos:

(my thanks to s34n for results, pictures..)


PIU Pro in the Czech Republic

PIU Pro finally made it also to the Czech Republic. The arcade can be found in a bowling bar named Blue Star.

The address is as follows:

Blue Star Bowling
Namesti Republiky 6


UPDATE: AC has been moved do Zabreh na Modave, then to Pasohlavky and now its somewhere at Brno


Pump it Up Pro: Encore

The Pump It Up Pro Encore Songpack adds 12 new songs to the Pump It Up Pro songlist. These songs are:

Can Can - BanYa
Epilogue - When Machines Dream
Euphoria - KaW feat. Smiley
Kitty Cat - Coconut
Ladybug - Coconut
London Bridge - SCI Guyz
Miss's Story - BanYa
Move It Groove It - KaW feat. Sam I Am
Shooting Star - Coconut
Style On My Speed Dial - Oscillator X
Tension - Inspector K
Tribal Style - KaW

If you are Machine Operators or Owners, you can receive this add-on pack. If you are player, then notify your AC owner about this songpack.
Source: Kyle Ward @ PIU Forum

How to install:
Look at those videos (of follow attached instructions ;))
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOyMICxE1po
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz8B_Vxo2OY
Trying it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaHXuYI2YOw
Thanks to: sporklift / amaedesign


Patch r5 - How to install

- download http://funinmotion.us/downloads/piup-arcade-v1/PPRO-R005.piu to a USB drive (or from mirror at http://patch.piu-pro.com)
- Insert the USB drive into a front USB port on the PIU cabinet
- Press the Service button in the coin box area
- Choose "Install Patch"

If you run into any problems, please reply in
this thread

See r5 patch article

PIU Pro events

There are some Pump It Up Pro events in Las Vegas coming up in September. Several StepMania devs will be there, so check it out if you're in the area.

Sept 10-12 2008: AMOA show
Sept 13 2008: Pump It Up Pro tournament
Source: Stepmania.com

Pump it up Pro patch r5

The patch is finally out, so what changes were made and what songs and stepcharts can we expect?


- Added “Half Double” steps, added missing FS and NM charts (view below)
- Red button unready
- Mod names on Results
- Sort by Freestyle, Nightmare, Half Double
- Song wheel icon for Edits
- Faster life regeneration on Easy
- Show disqualified on Results
- Fix high score score name blacklist
- Fix RANDOM SPEED MOD will not turn off unless using “ALL OFF” option.
- Fix some saved mods (like Perspective) shouldn’t be applied in Progressive
- Credits screen names updated
- Fix very short hold notes (Utopia Crazy) complete without stepping
- Add toggle songs screen
- Fix machine eats credits on title screen
- Fix grade gems now displaying correctly in Freestyle and Nightmare

Added songs and stepcharts

Pump Original revivals:

Can Can - Banya* [1, 4, 7, 10 .2. 8, 11]
Miss’s Story - Banya [1, 4, 6, 9 .7. 6, 11]
(*actually composed by F2 Systems)

In The Groove crossovers:

Euphoria - KaW feat. Smiley, [1, 3, 7, 12 . 9. 4, 11]
Tension - Inspector K, [1, 4, 9, 11 .4. 7, 12]
Tribal Style - KaW [1, 4, 9, 10 .7. 3, 11]

New Songs:

Epilogue - When Machines Dream, [1, 3, 7, 10 .3. 7, 13]
Kitty Cat - Coconut, [1, 3, 5, 9 .7. 2, 9]
Ladybug - Coconut, [1, 3, 7, 8 .8. 4, 9]
London Bridge - SCIGuyz, [1, 4, 7, 10 .8. 4, 11]
Move It Groove It - KaW feat. Sam I Am, [1, 3, 5, 10 .7. 4, 11]
Shooting Star - Coconut [1, 3, 6, 8 .7. 2, 10]
Style On My Speed Dial - Oscillator X [1, 3, 7, 8 .4. 2, 8]

Added FS and NM charts:

Blow My Mind (FS added [4])
Coming Out (NM moved to HDB [10]. New NM added [9])
Dawn -Perpetual Mix- (FS moved to HDB [7]. New FS added [8])
VVV (FS moved to HDB [12]. New FS added [8])
Chicken Wing (FS added [6])
D Gang (NM added [10])
Dance With Me (NM added [9])
Don’t Bother Me (NM added [9])
Emperor (NM added [9])
Eres Para Mi (NM added [12])
Everybody (NM added [8])
Ignition Starts (NM added [11])
Let The Sunshine (NM added [8])
Maria (NM added [8])
Mexi Mexi (NM added [11])
Monkey Magic (NM moved to HDB [9], New NM added [10])
Oh Rosa! (NM added [9])
Space Fantasy (NM added [10])
Starian (NM added [10]


Unlock codes - Take Me Back and other

Another way of PIU Pro unlock codes:
Solitary 2
- 5 (7+9) 5 (7+9) 5 (7+9) (1+3)
Take Me Back - 1 5 9 1 5 9 (1+9) (1+9) (3+7) (1+9)
Understand - 7 9 5 9 7 3 5 3 7


PIU Pro will have update patch

Kyle Ward say:

I wanted to be sure to tell everyone that we are about to release an update patch for Pump It Up Pro arcade. This long awaited patch will update a few of the Pump Pro GUI functions & minor bugs. It is our hope that this will help you find further enjoyment from Pump Pro. We will post more info about this upgrade as soon as it's posted. (please be patient for this) As usual, we'll include a list of the additions.

I'm also excited to bring you news of the new content upgrades that will be available for Pump Pro. What does this mean? This means that in addition to software upgrades, operators will be able apply "content" packs to a Pump It Up Pro machine. The song list + features will continue to grow as the future of PRO progresses.

This content upgrade system will be a first for the Pump It Up series and we are happy to be the first to bring it to you via Pump It Up Pro's advanced USB system.

A Free content pack will be available to machine owners shortly after the initial software patch is released. This will include some new content additions to the base of Pump It Up Pro.

Source: DDRUK


Piump It Up Pro X - XerDance

<< Previos article

There are few PDF's from Sportswall International that shows theis PIU Pro multiplayer system:

Screenshot, photos and specifications included.

[Report of the show], [Forum thread]


Pump It Up Paradise

Group of fans have (finally) finish and release PIU Paradise - Next2 - The 3rd fanatic dance floor. This include nice PIU theme for Stepmania 3.9 and songpack (some of song have own unique bg video).

Songs are divided into 4 groups (+ there is X2 inmersion):

Few screenshots:

Don't forget to setup your Stepmania setup to PIU mode and not to DDR, adjust some settings, and customize control.

info, songlist, download.


Machine Dance Eurocup 2008

Last weekend an ITG Eurocup 2008 was held in Zwanenburg, The Netherlands. Kyle Ward and Chris Foy both attended this event.

Kyle Ward and John Mendenhall released their new CD called Borg Volume 1. The new Positive Gaming game was announced. It's name being - iDance. The new PG Impact Arcade pad was introduced to the public.

Results of the PG Machine Dance European Championships 2008:

Male division:
1. Ceder
2. Maxx Storm
3. Syaoran
4. Rubbinnexx
5. Criz

Female division:
1. Lauma
2. S’Tsung
3. Thimy
4. Mary-Chan
5. Maral

Complete results

Pump Pro Multiplayer - pictures

Check source four more pictures.


Pump Pro Edits

There is new Edit Database on page www.pumpproedits.com. Graphic isn't complete yet, but Wolfman2000 is working on it. Database is open - try it by yourselfs.


Unlock - We Goin' Fly

Next unlock code:
unlock codes are entered via pad on the results screen

piupro forum


ATEI 2008

ATEI 2008 - 22.-24. January 2008 (UK, London, Earls court 1)
Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

Kyle Ward say:

I’m happy to announce that Pump It Up Pro will be present at this years ATEI Expo show in London, UK. I will be attending the show, giving demos, and talking to local players.

I look forward to meeting all of the UK Pump players and helping bring PIU Pro to the UK!

Konami (Guitar Freaks v4, Drum Mania v4), Andamiro (PIU Pro and Kyle Ward in attendance), JNC Sales (Dance Dance Revolution Supernova with eAmuse), DifferentPlay (Multistage - with up to 72 dance mats and based of Stepmania), Vogos (Drum Station Live)...

Looking for more? Try:
Thanks to DDR:UK for source and photos for this article.


Unlock - Victory (Progressive Course)

Next unlock released:


PIU Pro unlock code (4,5,6,8,11)

Released unlock codes:
Unlock codes are entered via pad on the results screen

Unlock code for Warp 8 XM is at the end of the this video. You can join unlock discussion or simple leave here a comment.

Do you want more? Then watch unlock post, or try it by yourself...

..it's possible:

Random speed and alt. reverse

How looks those mods? Take a look:
Random Speed
alternate reverse sam i am NM
Source: PIU Pro forum

Course list - updated

Updated songlist and course list for PIU Pro:

Source: Bacon