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Machine Dance Eurocup 2008

Last weekend an ITG Eurocup 2008 was held in Zwanenburg, The Netherlands. Kyle Ward and Chris Foy both attended this event.

Kyle Ward and John Mendenhall released their new CD called Borg Volume 1. The new Positive Gaming game was announced. It's name being - iDance. The new PG Impact Arcade pad was introduced to the public.

Results of the PG Machine Dance European Championships 2008:

Male division:
1. Ceder
2. Maxx Storm
3. Syaoran
4. Rubbinnexx
5. Criz

Female division:
1. Lauma
2. S’Tsung
3. Thimy
4. Mary-Chan
5. Maral

Complete results

Pump Pro Multiplayer - pictures

Check source four more pictures.