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PIU Pro will have update patch

Kyle Ward say:

I wanted to be sure to tell everyone that we are about to release an update patch for Pump It Up Pro arcade. This long awaited patch will update a few of the Pump Pro GUI functions & minor bugs. It is our hope that this will help you find further enjoyment from Pump Pro. We will post more info about this upgrade as soon as it's posted. (please be patient for this) As usual, we'll include a list of the additions.

I'm also excited to bring you news of the new content upgrades that will be available for Pump Pro. What does this mean? This means that in addition to software upgrades, operators will be able apply "content" packs to a Pump It Up Pro machine. The song list + features will continue to grow as the future of PRO progresses.

This content upgrade system will be a first for the Pump It Up series and we are happy to be the first to bring it to you via Pump It Up Pro's advanced USB system.

A Free content pack will be available to machine owners shortly after the initial software patch is released. This will include some new content additions to the base of Pump It Up Pro.

Source: DDRUK