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Pump it up Pro 2: Suggestions

If you have any suggestion for PIU Pro 2 - feel free to post them on aaronin.jp/boards

See topic title. Pump it up Pro 2 is currently in the works, and we need suggestions from you, the player, to help make this sequel a great game.

Any constructive suggestions would be very much appreciated, and we hope to make a quality game for all you players! Thanks in advance!



Poll results - What style do you prefer?

What style do you prefer?
Single 23 (47%)
Half-double 3 (6%)
Double 17 (35%)
Courses 5 (10%)
Total: 48

Keyboard player?
Well yeah 6 (31%)
Somitimes 8 (42%)
Nope, wut? 5 (26%)


PIU Pro Autumn 2009 Tournament

There are few photos from PIU Pro Autumn 2009 Tournament from Kristina Proctor and Chris Danford. Thanks.

PIU Pro 2 test


R6 patch - officially out

Fix for SATA/score issue is officially out:

r6 Changes - Released June 3, 2009
- Fix scores and preferences not saving on some machines with SATA hard drives

Download link: www.piupro.com/page/arcade-usb-patch/


Protocol - new dance game

Protocol is a new dance game from members of the ITG3 Project. (http://inthegroove3.com). The game is currently under development, and planned for completion around summer, 2009. You can find updates on the project and more information at http://chaomix.shiningpolaris.com


R6 - Machine Reboot Resets Scores

If you are experiencing bug with scores reset, try this R6 path and please report result on this thread on forum.

Chris Danford say:

The only change in this patch is to address files (stats, preferences) not saving correctly on machines with SATA drives.


Go: freestyle couples edit

There is a video of Starfalcon176 and Kyrandian on couples edit for song Go

Are you interesting about download of this edit or you prefer to see Starfalcon176's edits?
PS: PF2009 ;-)