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Pump it up Pro preview

I found out that S'Tsung from the Czech Republic wrote some information about PIU Pro and wrote actually a review of the game.

You can find the information at:



PIU Pro sticker

There is PIU Pro promotion sticker:

Source: Andamiro's web

PIU Pro - Machine location

Check out PIU Pro machine location.


Update news

PIU Pro songlist been updated.
You can also check PIU Pro interface video from this page.


Next simfiles update

If you are seeking for PIU Pro simfiles and noteskins then check this ITG Freak topic.

Coming soon (not necessarily in this order):
Hasse Mich HD, CZ, NM (with audio from a video :/)
Esperanza CZ
Infection NM
Stop & Go CZ, FS
Funk Factory CZ
Incognito NM
Exotica NM
Re-Rave HD
Summer Speedy Mix HD
Energizer HD
Any requests of songs for which there are videos that you want with the audio from the video


PIU Pro is NOT PIU Simulator

If you saw this "arcade" ...

PIU Simulation video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=b07MEMyInCw

Try PIU Pro on Stepmania 4.0 CVS

You can check this post and try to download some 3rd-party-made-simfiles and noteskins. There are:

Clockwork Genesis - Diffficulties: CZ (11)
Dance All Night - Difficulties: FS (3), NM (10)
Destiny - Difficulties: CZ (11?)
Esperanza - Difficulties: NM (11)
Incognito - Difficulties: CZ (9)
Infection - Difficulties: CZ (10), NM (10)
Re-Rave - Difficulties: NM (11)
Robotix - Difficulties: CZ (9)
Utopia - Difficulties: NM (11)
Who - Difficulties: CZ (8 )
Xuxa - Difficulties: CZ (11)
Zodiac - Difficulties: CZ (9)
and Pro noteskin

and counting...


Bacon on ASI 2007

From Bacon:

Heres my media from the 2007 Amusement Showcase International trade show in Las Vegas



Result screen - Stop and Go

Here is one result screen from Stop and Go song. You can check what elements are on this picture:


Song List (updated)

Here is the new updated song list. Not final yet Almost final. Kyle and Adamiro still add a new songs.

Initial Version Song Title Artist
The First Dance Floor Another Truth Novasonic
The First Dance Floor Come to Me Clon
The First Dance Floor Funky Tonight Clon
The First Dance Floor Hypnosis BanYa
The First Dance Floor Ignition Starts BanYa
The Second Dance Floor Extravaganza BanYa
The Second Dance Floor Final Audition BanYa
Oldies But Goodies Don't Bother Me Tashannie
Oldies But Goodies Final Audition 2 BanYa
Oldies But Goodies Naissance BanYa
Oldies But Goodies Turkey March BanYa
Seasonal Evolution Mr. Larpus BanYa
Seasonal Evolution Oh! Rosa BanYa
Seasonal Evolution Solitary BanYa
Perfect Collection Beethoven Virus BanYa
Perfect Collection Slam Novasonic
Perfect Collection Space Fantasy E-paksa
Extra Chicken Wing BanYa
Extra Final Audition Episode 1 BanYa
Extra Monkey Magic E-paksa
Extra Starian Duke
The Premiere 2 Csikos Post BanYa
The Premiere 2 Dance With Me BanYa
The Premiere 2 Dr. M BanYa
The Premiere 2 Emperor BanYa
The Premiere 2 Love is a Danger Zone BanYa
The Premiere 2 Maria BanYa
The Premiere 2 Vook BanYa
The Premiere 2 Will o' the Wisp BanYa
The Premiere 2 Winter BanYa
The Premiere 3 Bambole Papa Gonzales
The Premiere 3 Beat of the War BanYa
The Premiere 3 Clap Your Hands Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle
The Premiere 3 Conga Queen Latin
The Premiere 3 D Gang BanYa
The Premiere 3 Eres Para Mi Mozquito
The Premiere 3 Everybody Carlos T. Quila
The Premiere 3 Hello BanYa
The Premiere 3 Let the Sunshine Lisa Cool & The South Spirit
The Premiere 3 Mexi Mexi Mozquito
The Prex 3 Come to Me BanYa
Exceed Ba Be Loo Be Ra Kristeen
Exceed Blazing BanYa
Exceed Born to Be Alive P. Hernandez & B. Thomas
Exceed Dignity Crash
Exceed Final Audition 3 U.F BanYa
Exceed Get Up! BanYa
Exceed Go U;Nee
Exceed (SE) I Love You Baby Pandera
Exceed Kiss Me Debbie Scott
Exceed Monkey Fingers BanYa
Exceed Naissance 2 BanYa
Exceed Pump Me Amadeus BanYa
Exceed Watch Out Victoria
Exceed X-Treme BanYa
Exceed 2 Canon-D BanYa
Exceed 2 Greenhorn Lexy
Exceed 2 Hi-Bi BanYa
Exceed 2 Hot 1TYM
Exceed 2 I'll Give You All My Love WAX
Exceed 2 Treme-Vook of the War BanYa
Zero Beat of the War 2 BanYa
Zero Chung Hwa Ban Jeom Louis
Zero Love is a Danger Zone 2 BanYa
Zero Moonlight BanYa
Zero Mr. Fire Fighter Spooky Banana
Zero My Friend Cho PD
Zero Papa Gonzales BanYa
Zero Phantom BanYa
Zero Try to B.P.M - Love is a Danger Zone BanYa
Zero Whats Going On? Turtles
Zero Witch Doctor BanYa
New Xenesis 2006 Love Song BanYa Production
New Xenesis Arch of Darkness Yahpp
New Xenesis Bemera Yahpp
New Xenesis Bullfighter's Song BanYa Production
New Xenesis Do You Know That - Old School BanYa Production
New Xenesis Final Audition Episode 2-1 Yahpp
New Xenesis Fly Epik High
New Xenesis For You N.EX.T
New Xenesis Free! Jiny
New Xenesis Go Back Dynamic Duo
New Xenesis Gun Rock BanYa Production
New Xenesis Handsome Character That Pass May
New Xenesis Hold the Line Cho PD & B.E.G
New Xenesis Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go Hyun Jin Young
New Xenesis Lovely Kim Jong Kook
New Xenesis My Brother is Street Singer Park Hyang Lim vs. Yahpp
New Xenesis Sam-I-Am Haley
New Xenesis Snow Dream Apple Jam
New Xenesis So Typhoon
New Xenesis Terminal Depository UrUrbu Project
New Xenesis U Inside My Dim Memory Hyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp
New Xenesis Wi-Ex-Doc-Va Yahpp
New Xenesis Witch Doctor #1 Yahpp
Pro ! Onyx
Pro Aliens in Our Midst Corporation
Pro Anubis Banzai
Pro Art City Virgill
Pro Be My Friend Lagoona
Pro Blow My Mind Alphadelta
Pro Chopstix Sonic Dimension
Pro Clockwork Genesis Inspector K
Pro Coming Out PlayMaker feat. Robin
Pro Dance All Night Oscillator X
Pro Dance Vibrations Elpis
Pro Dawn (Perpetual Mix) KaW
Pro Destiny Smiley
Pro DJ Superstar Oscillator X
Pro Do What You Wanna Do PlayMaker
Pro Energizer ZiGZaG
Pro Esperanza KaW
Pro Exotica Banzai
Pro Feels Just Like That Night Eskimo & Icebird
Pro Funk Factory Money Deluxe
Pro Groovin' Motion Sonic Dimension
Pro Hasse Mich Oynx
Pro Heel and Toe KURi-ZiLL
Pro Incognito Inspector K
Pro Infection Inspector K
Pro Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) Lagoona
Pro It's Over Now Virgill
Pro July -Euromix- JS14
Pro Love Eternal When Machines Dream
Pro Monolith Affinity
Pro Moonstone Virgill
Pro Nightmoves PlayMaker
Pro Oasis KaW
Pro Ra Banzai
Pro Radius kURi-ZiLL
Pro Riders, Unite! Andreas Viklund
Pro Robotix Kbit
Pro Round and Round Eskimo & Icebird
Pro STOP! & Go Oynx
Pro Summer ~Speedy Mix~ Smiley
Pro Sunshine PlayMaker
Pro Take My Time Alphadelta
Pro Utopia Smiley
Pro Virtual Emotion Inspector K
Pro Who KaW
Pro Xuxa Smiley
Pro Y2Z Affinity
Pro Zodiac Banzai

Link to source


ASI 2007

Some videos from ASI 2007, which was accomplished March. 28th-30th 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hasse Mich NIGHTMARE is WTF?!



Plaguefox is watching PIU Pro

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Official forum

Official Pump It Up Pro forum was started. You can find it on address www.pumpituppro.com/forum
Or you can use shortcut and type: forum.piu-pro.com

Some new videos

Some new videos from test location.


New Testing Location & Updates

Pump it Up pro is now being also tested at speedzone in LA, for more information go to http://www.speedzone.com. This location got a Pro in an FX cabinet we've known from PIU:NX.

Also there has been a software update, including to fixing new bugs, updating holds to PIU style and Rolls. Also several new songs appeared, while to current songlist is still unknown, one opf the new songs is Hasse Mich by Onyx (known from ITG3)

You can watch a video of PIU Pro in an FX cabinet here.


Next photos from PIU Pro

Few pictures of PIU Pro AC and interface:


More Questions and More Answers

A lot of fan questions are being answered these days, so here are some of them!

Will it be possible for both pump style holds and dance style holds to coexist? I’d think that would make things interesting, especially when it comes to using hands.
The hold style is based on a “checkpoint tick” system like other pump products. The Alpha software does not currently reflect this; but soon will. (most likely within the week) There will not be mixed hold types available.

Song List
. K-pop is one of the main attractions of Pump, and it saddens me to see so little of it. Are there plans to add more?

This is the initial song list for Pump It Up Pro, things could change more in the future. This will depend on feedback and specific requests. If there is demand, steps will be taken. (no pun intended) :-)

Scoring System. Does this function basically like ITG’s %? Is the scoring system that is in place pretty much final? Is the Superb window here to stay?

Classic Pump players will be familiar with the grading tiers. (they are very similar here as well –> F-S). The percentage takes place of the big score so that attack players have something to judge their performance on as well. Non-attack players should not be harmed by this. The superb window should not harm scoring concerns for common play, this is still beta and anything can happen based on play feedback.

Mines. Why? =( This is something I definitely think should stay exclusive to ITG.

These are innovative concepts that are be introduced slowly. Will they be present in a lot of charts? Not likely. There are very many songs that don’t have mines/rolls or other gimmicks. Classic players should be able to avoid these easily.

Speed Mods. C200 and C400 seem kind of…slow. Maybe C450 and C600?

The speed mods have been “Pumped up” for PIU Pro. Players will likely notice the speed difference immediately. This should be an easy adjustment for players. (Yes, scroll speed can be slow also.)

Lifebar/Stage Break:
Due to the difficulty of many charts, this is of major concern. There are several stepcharts currently existing in pump it up that with stage break on, by world class players, cannot be passed. Dignity NM (note wpf05), Liadz2 CZ (less so)/NM (definitely). The guy who won $30,000 at wpf06 would have stage broke out of Canon D NM in the winning performance, and its not the hardest song. How does PPro handle this?

PIU Pro does not currently have settings for “stage break”. The current default setting is the “standard” (which also helps solve confusion by different machine configurations) This default behavior is “Fail at end of song” Even if the player fails, they are able to continue playing the song. Details are still being finalized.

(There are revamped settings for lifebar sensitivity, that will also help this solution)

Scoring/Grading: Pump has generally rewarded Combo (step-accuracy) much more than timing-accuracy. In one sentence, pump scoring is: 2*perfs, 1*greats, -1*misses, and when your combo is over 50 you get an extra perfect every step, meaning that a well isolated miss costs 100 greats. All pump players agree that system is not optimal. Still, the concept that missing two steps separated from each other means youre having more trouble with the song than if you miss two consecutive steps. Will there be a combo-related aspect to the scoring?

Scoring details are still being finalized for PIU PRO. The current plan is to have the current familiar “S” standard for not missing combo. (this isn’t related to judgment accuracy) A new grade will be available above that tier for the players who are attacking and/or have accuracy concerns. This will most likely be the SS tier.