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Next simfiles update

If you are seeking for PIU Pro simfiles and noteskins then check this ITG Freak topic.

Coming soon (not necessarily in this order):
Hasse Mich HD, CZ, NM (with audio from a video :/)
Esperanza CZ
Infection NM
Stop & Go CZ, FS
Funk Factory CZ
Incognito NM
Exotica NM
Re-Rave HD
Summer Speedy Mix HD
Energizer HD
Any requests of songs for which there are videos that you want with the audio from the video


George said...

I've already made a simfile for Hasse Mich HD, CZ and NM, with good audio (320 CBR original). Contact me @ georgelione at gamil dot com if you're interested.

George said...

gmail, not gamil =p