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PIU NX Absolute vs PIU Pro

How this affect PIU Pro?

Next Pump It Up Game (The International 10th Dance Floor) is Pump It Up NX Absolute (NXA).

..more images of PIU NXA.


Anonymous said...

what is NX absolute? has there been any other release after NX2?

Xsoft said...

Yes, it's another Pump at Pump series (no. 10). There are few testing locations.

New modes:
Brain Shower:
There are three different modes in this one.
Calculation - where the player is forced to do simple math operations and input the result via the dance platform.
Observation and Memory- you will be shown a certain pattern and you have to input it. In one of those modes it won’t be just arrow patterns but also whatever icons/symbols andamiro came up with (angels, devils, dogs, other weird characters or animals etc)

New Tunes:
Yahpp - Blaze Emotion
-Big Bang - La La La
-Eun Ji Won - Adios
-45rpm - Softly
-S.E.S - I Am Your Girl
-DJ Missill - Forward
-Sam-I-Am - Uprock
-Gyfted - Crazy
-Big Metra - Panuelito Rojo
-Nina Pilots - Digan Lo Que Digan
-Wang Lee Hom - Change Myself
-Steve Yoo - Breakin’ Love
-Banya Production - People Didn’t Know
-Banya Production - DJ Otada
-Banya Production - K.O.A ~Alice in Wonderworld~
-Banya Production - Toccata