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PIU Pro 2 - Amusement Expo 2010

And it's over. Before few day there was Amusement Expo 2010. You can find there two new machines:

Few news from Bemanistyle group:

- PRO2 is still very beta and is being constantly updated. Today only 20 new songs were available with more being added for tomorrow. Song list will be posted tomorrow.
- The projected/advertised release date is April 2010 with both upgrades and dedicated cabinets available.
- The online USB leader boards will not be available at launch and will follow shortly after.
- Gauntlet mode has a battery life bar with about 20? bars. Many of the songs in this mode are not available in the Normal mode list which includes long versions, remixes and new charts. Similar to Courses with multiple songs per selected Gauntlet. I'm disappointed with this mode at the moment as it doesn't seem very interesting, although its far from being complete.
- Progressive mode was not available.
- Routine charts are in the Normal mode listed with the difficulties for Singles and Doubles. Two arrow colours are used; Blue for the left, Red for the right. You will definitely be stepping on each others feet for a while until you get used to the song/chart.
- 3D noteskins are available for both rhythm and classic styles.
- Combo colours have been added, Blue for full superb, green for full perfect.
- A full combo splash has been added.
Photos followed ..

(thanks to Vyhd and Bemanistyle)

And bonus .. one video ...

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