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Few questions and answers

Few answers from Kyle:

Pump It Up Pro judgments
- I understand the concern about attack play . Let me emphasize the fact that the extra “superb” window is NOT extremely tight. (like you might be familiar with from other games) IE - Not turning the game into attack based play. It does allow people to have a goal towards accuracy if they choose. In addition to this, the “bad window” has been removed from play.

Why Pump It Up Pro?
- This is a branch of the Pump It Up brand. This does not have an effect on the classic Pump It Up that everyone is currently familiar with and loves. This new product line is being developed to satisfy another market.

Pump It Up Pro Music

- There are additional licensed tracks specifically for PIUPRO.

- Some of the old favorites have made a re-appearance for this game. (some songs that were not in other versions

- Additional favorites familiar to people.

Pump It Up Pro Grading

- The grading retains a similar and user friendly scale that people are use to. There is additional information for people who find it beneficial

- Song difficulties have been reformed into a “1-16 block” system. It relates to other versions that people may be familiar with.

Hold grading has NOT changed
: This is only an alpha of the game at this time. Hold judgments are handled in the familiar style. This is not yet implemented in the test location as of now. Please look out for this in the next few days.

- single pad/ double pad play - This is a beta configuration. The machine is able to switch between these modes like other pump it up products.

Pump It Up Pro steps

I’ve noticed a video surfacing of a few songs. Please don’t judge step data by a few videos. There are several songs with different “styles”.

Additional information

So far, the test location has been very happy with Pump It Up Pro. It has created a lot of interest and has received a lot of play. If you are able, please try to make it out and give feedback.. HERE is a review that I thought was very well done. http://media.rhythmatic.net/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=4164


Please, give the product a chance and try the game for yourself. It’s beta and things change over night. (literally)


Source: Kyle

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